KIRTI FORGING is ISO 9001:2016 certified by SUD SOUTHASIA.

Our Quality Assurance System covers all activities from design, development, production, installation, servicing and documentation. It introduced the sayings "fit for purpose" and "do it right the first time". It includes the regulation of the quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components; services related to production; and management, production, and inspection processes.

Our Quality Policy emphasizes customer satisfaction, personal excellence and continual improvement. We are determined to offer the highest quality products and services that conform to International Quality Standards by making every individual responsible for Quality.

“It is our goal to deliver quality products, on time, at competitive prices. We will first arrive at a clear understanding of each customer’s requirements and then commit ourselves to fulfilling them exactly. We will achieve our stated goals by continuously improving our quality system to deliver a defect-free product.”


  • In spectrometer with 24 channels capable of testing Fe, Ni, Co, Al based materials and also Nitrogen content.
  • All Forge ring are inspected on Spectrometer by comparing with std norma applicable for bearing industries.
  • All the raw material steel used are also tested before using.
  • Specimens are stored for particular period.


  • In  Universal Testing Machine.
  • In Hardness Testing Machine.
  • In Impact test Machine.
  • In  metallurgical microscope for Spherodise annealing processed ring (microstructre )
  • Specimens are stored for particular period.


Dimensional inspection with CMM, Digital Vernier Calipers, Height Gauges, Gauges, Thread & Plug Gauges etc…

  • Surface defects are inspected with DP test & MPI Tests
  • Visual Inspection as per SP 55 standard
  • Surface finish check with reference standards
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Tensile Test - Impact Test
  • Radiography (X-Ray)
  • Dye Penetrate
  • Corrosion Test
  • Mechanical Porosity Test
  • Microstructure
  • Forgings can also supplied under third party inspections such as LLOYDS, BUREAU VERITAS,DNV and  as customer requirement agency. 


  • QCT CNC Coordinate Measurement Machine (Quantum 6104) with Inspect 2 Cad software & Table 1000mm x 600mm.
  • Taylor Hobson Talyrond 200 with Logitrace.
  • Mitutoya PJ3005F-100 Shadow graph Projector with Quadra Check.
  • Mitutoya LHN600 programmable Height Gauge.
  • Surtronic 4+ Surface Measuring Machine with print facility.